How The High School Boys Want To Be Liberated From Their Stereotypical Gender Role

In the midst of the phenomenal news coverage on CBS in primetime last night on the courageous leading students from Florida organizing the March on Washington to bring about gun control called “39 Days,” this morning This Sunday presented a segment on a counselor working with several young high school boys to understand what they are up against as they grow into men.

These boys expressed their tension in wanting to cry when they needed to, but knowing that they are not supposed to cry. They felt the struggle and difficulty to express their emotions as they see girls do without any judgment or censure. They agreed that the school shooters would be boys and men, not girls and women, because they felt the isolation from the community even if they needed help. It is not “manly” to be in need of help or to ask for help.

The boys also felt that there needed to be changes in the stereotypical male gender role. Now this is exactly what Margaret Fuller was writing about when she wanted men and women to be who they are within themselves, expressing the sacred marriage in their integration and spectrum of masculine and feminine aspects. She was encouraging men and women to liberate themselves from the traditional stereotypical gender roles.

How courageous these high school girls and boys are to stand up for the loss of their beloved friends, schoolmates, and teachers killed in school gun violence. They can do nothing else because they know in their hearts, minds, and souls that laws and communities need to change and address the safety and wellbeing in schools and in our country. As they organized and marched throughout the United States and the world yesterday, Margaret Fuller would have been right in the front ranks with them  urging them on and proud of their efforts.


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