On the Road Again with Margaret Fuller

It was an incredible journey this day driving from Lederach, PA to Boston, MA through the mostly rainy day. As I was driving, I felt as through I was moving through another landscape and seeing through another lens. It was a preparation leaving my old everyday world and heading into a transformative week celebrating Margaret Fuller.

The fabulous greens along the major highways were thriving in the pouring rains and misting drizzle and dancing winds. I could barely see at times as the windshield wipers were working double-duty to clear my vision. The fog and graying mists were playing into my excursion into the mystery and unknown, concepts which Margaret would surely be exploring as she rambled in the Boston and Concord countrysides with her Transcendentalist companions.

After a weary yet exciting day driving and anticipating the joy being back in Boston and environs after seven years away, I feel blessed to be able to partake of the Margaret Fuller Society meeting and Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House celebration of Margaret’s 207th birthday and its devoted years of service as a settlement house for the community. But first, tomorrow, Margaret’s actual birthdate, going to her monument at Mount Auburn Cemetery. Margaret’s birthday is also my dad’s 92nd birthday.







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