Our 2nd Network Women’s Suffrage Centennial Conference at Waterloo, NY

It was a fabulous conference of over 100 keen participants eager to unite and begin preparations and collaborations for events and programming to celebrate and educate about the 100th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote in New York State in 2017. It was an honor to work with Spike Herzig, Sally Roesch Wagner, Kim Harvish, Katie MacIntyre, and Rick Newman as the Conference Committee organizing the event.

I had the privilege of sharing how the City of Beacon and allies came together to apply for and celebrate the Pomeroy Foundation Historical Marker grant for Margaret Fuller writing “Woman in the Nineteenth Century” at Fishkill Landing, NY in the fall of 1844. Once again, Margaret has a physical presence through this marker inscription describing how important being and writing at Fishkill Landing were for her new life and evolving spirit. She moved from Transcendentalist New England to New York City to work as the first woman reporter for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune.

Participants were set afire and inspired to go back to their organizations and communities to create local and regional programming that will inform the public about this monumental 100th Anniversary!










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