Getting Ready for the Dedication

I woke up this morning early, remembering seeing the beautiful waxing Full Moon last night against the fading sunlight on Mt. Beacon. It becomes Full tomorrow for the dedication. I have been writing these last two days from the sanctuary airBnB space of Eileen O’Hare in Beacon. She offers her intuitive gifts to others as an instrument of Spirit. It is a wonderful space to stay in and prepare for this momentous occasion.

This morning I met with Elizabeth Evans, assistant to the Mayor, who has been coordinating the ceremony and Kelly Ellenwood, who will be singing composer Debra Kaye’s song incorporating Margaret’s poetry, “Freedom and Truth,” at City Hall and at the site of the dedication to put finishing touches on our ceremony. They are very delightful and enthusiastic about the offering of their gifts to our program.

Then in the afternoon, I met with Diane Lapis, Trustee of the Beacon Historical Society and Librarian Amy Raff at the Howland Public Library. They created a comprehensive and informative display on Margaret Fuller emphasizing her substantial time at Fishkill Landing. I am delighted with their interest and what they did as service to the community.

None of this could be done without the passion, commitment, and action of all of us involved taking our parts to make the greater whole. I am grateful to all my partners in this collaboration. Our culminating event is tomorrow at 11 am. Please keep us in your prayers and positive thoughts as we bring it all together with our gifts and celebration of a remarkable woman who led the way to freedom and social justice for all.









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