On Our Way to Beacon, NY!

Just putting the finishing touches on details and directions, Ted and I are getting ready to drive to Beacon, NY, tomorrow to begin our journey to the Margaret Fuller Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony being held Saturday at the Beacon Visitor’s Center downtown. I have organized all the materials, maps, and papers related to these special days. I am still editing the keynote speech focused on Margaret’s exceptional time at Fishkill Landing. Her words are still resounding in my ears like the magnificent landscape she described being in there. I hear the water of the mighty Hudson River roaring as it continues to create an ever-widening ravine. I envision the Hudson River painters roaming up and down its mighty expanse searching for that transcendent light enveloping the trees and rocks, which can be elusive to capture. My mind is easing toward sleep as I wind down from far too busy days researching and pulling all the parts together to create a substantial and deep understanding of this sacred place and time for Margaret Fuller in the fall of 1844. I see her walking through the hills free from pain and splitting headaches totally inspired by the fresh air and Nature all around her, embraced by the Transcendental Presence she knew and acknowledged so well. In the quiet of this night, I shape my thoughts and reflect upon what has been and what is coming to life in this moment building toward Beacon, NY on its very own.


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