A Beautiful Gathering Learning about Women’s Rights Activist Margaret Fuller in Paris

Last evening was a beautiful sharing of Margaret Fuller’s life and work with 50 eager participants at the special event co-sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Paris and The Democrats Abroad Women’s Caucus in their first joint effort. I thank Dorothy Erlandson of the UU Fellowship of Paris, the European Unitarian Universalists, and The Democrats Abroad France Women’s Caucus for coordinating and bringing this together with the leaders of the Women’s Caucus. I was very pleased to share my joy and passion conveying the extraordinary story of Margaret’s life and work through her own words as she led the women’s rights movement in its early days in America. It was wonderful to have The Democrats Abroad European Women’s Caucus tuning into the live event via commuter hookup. People were clearly moved by what was presented. They asked important questions wanting to understand precisely how Margaret lived and moved in the world as the first woman reporter for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune from 1844 to 1850 and experienced the emerging people’s revolutions throughout Europe as the first woman foreign and war correspondent. I spent considerable time focusing on Margaret’s three-month stay in Paris at the Hotel Rougemont near Blvd. Poissoniere while she met George Sand and Chopin and was invited to write for a French magazine from November 1846 through February 1847. It was wonderful to inspire and excite others about this exceptional woman who changed perceptions and consciousness about what it was to be a woman and a man. Her international bestseller, “Woman in the Nineteenth Century,” prepared the way for her in Europe as it conveyed her basic message of creating and living the sacred marriage within.


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