100th Anniversary Women’s Rights Committee of the New York Cultural Heritage Tourism Network: http://www.nywomenshistory.com

It is exciting to be part of the working group of the 100th Anniversary Women’s Rights Committee of the New York Cultural Heritage Tourism Network to make sure that Margaret Fuller is included for her life and work in New York State while writing her international bestseller, “Woman in the Nineteenth Century,” and reporting as the first woman social and literary critic for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune from 1844 to 1846. She continued writing for this newspaper as first woman foreign and war correspondent in Europe from 1846 to 1850 on her Grand Tour of Europe before settling in Rome. On July 19, 1850, Margaret died in a shipwreck during a hurricane near Fire Island, New York with her Italian husband, Count Giovanni Ossoli, and their child, Angelino. Published in 1845 to wide acclaim, “Woman in the Nineteenth Century” was a catalyst for the creation of the 1848 Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, New York. As we prepare for and celebrate the 2017 Anniversary of New York State’s Women’s Right To Vote, I am available to speak about Margaret Fuller’s life and work at events, programs, and conferences on women’s suffrage to highlight her extraordinary ability to liberate women and men from their stereotypical roles. Please contact me at mbarnett@tradenet.net, 215-256-8481, or P.O. Box 281, Lederach, PA 19450 if you are interested in having me speak. Thank you! My article on Margaret Fuller for the New York State History Blog is http://www.newyorkhistoryblog.org/2014/03/17/margaret-fuller-transcendentalist-womens-rights-advocate/ My History Seminar paper, “Margaret Fuller Shapes the Consciousness of America through the New York Tribune,” is available at http://www.uucollegium.org/Research%20papers/10paper_Barnett.pdf My ode, “For Margaret Fuller,” is available at http://www.uuconvo.org/report2010/barnett-poem.htm My curriculum, “The Life, Writing, and Poetry of Margaret Fuller,” is at http://www.a2pwebdesign.com/poetrywits/lessonplans/mfuller.htm


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